• Adamas 1,0 km :

The main port of Milos with its many shops, restaurants, cafes and places to entertain you in the evening. isit the Mining Museum. Also the beaches of Lagada and the beach Papikinou, which is awarded with the blue flag.





  • Sarakiniko 1,5 km (beach / cliffs)

A unique volcanic landscape like lunar.

Visit it in any way for stunning photos and a dive from the cliffs in the beautiful blue waters.





  • Pera Triovassalos / Triovassalos 1,4 km:

The biggest village of the local people on the island.

Here, every summer the celebration of the wine feast and other traditional events take place.

You will also find most of the shops here: supermarkets, stores, banks etc.



  • Mantrakia 1,9 km

A small picturesque fishing village with few “Sirmata” (houses built in the natural cavities of rocks where fishermen guard their boats in winter) and a restaurant





  • Fyropotamos 3,1 km

Fantastic bay for swimming with a small beach in a settlement.

You will be excited by the sea.




  • Plaka 2,2 km

The current capital, with the Castle of the 13th century at the highest point, is just 2.2 km .

Ideal place to enjoy a romantic sunset walk at night in the beautiful alleys.

Do not forget to visit the National and Folklore



  • Tripiti 1,8 km

The catacombs are the second oldest after Rome!

It is worth to visit the ancient theater,  where some performances are given during the summer months.

The traditional village is very picturesque with its imposing church.



  • Klima 2,2 km

The village with its unique and colorful “sirmata” (houses built in the natural cavities of rocks where fishermen  guard their boats in the winter).

The statue Venus of Milos, which the whole world admires in the Louvre museum in Paris, was found near this village.




  • Plathiena 3,7 km


Nice beach with fine sand.





  • Pollonia 7,8 km

The picturesque seaside village in the north of the island where you find very good restaurants around the harbor.

From there you can take the ferry boat to Kimolos.